The original heart umbrella, the one that started the whole heart shaped umbrella fashion is the red heart umbrella, a design classic. This was the umbrella featured in the This Morning umbrella test and perhaps it’s for that reason it’s one of the most popular of all the colours in the range. Browse our Heart Umbrella Shops here

Heart Umbrella – Ivory Perhaps it’s simply a matter of practicality, but Ivory is now giving white a real run for it’s money when it comes to choosing a wedding dress. So will probably come as no surprise to you that the Ivory Heart Umbrella is selling like hot cakes this year. The modern, superbly designed Heart Umbrellas are a must if you don’t want to leave anything to chance, […]

Heart Umbrella – Sky Blue With a striking sky blue canopy, this beautiful Heart Umbrella will ensure you stand out in a crowd. If you love the lady – you just have to treat her to one of these very special fashion umbrellas. New to the Heart Umbrella range, the Sky Blue features a strong, lightweight, windproof sixteen rib fibreglass frame. Approximately 88cm long the unique Heart Umbrella has a […]

Full Length Heart Umbrella – Orange Why didn’t anyone think of this before? These bright and cheerful orange heart-shaped umbrellas have been taking the market by storm. It’s simply not enough to just design an umbrella with an unusual shape canopy. Yes, they do make a great fashion statement, however when the heavens open, umbrellas still have a job to do. So the Heart Umbrellas all feature  a 16 rib […]

Recently added to our fantastic Heart umbrella range is this fine Dark Blue version. Approximately 88cms end to end, the Dark Blue Heart Umbrella, with its fibreglass frame and lightweight aluminium shaft, is very strong and totally windproof. Designed with a smart ergonomic rubber handle that is colour co-ordinated with the unique ‘head-turning’ heart shaped canopy, the Dark Blue Heart Umbrella is the ideal present for the one you love. […]

What about these fantastic new fashion umbrellas? The white Heart Umbrella is perfect for weddings, christenings, special occasions and everyday use The White Heart Umbrella is one of the latest additions to our growing and renowned range . Designed with a smart white ergonomic rubber handle, colour co-ordinated with the unique ‘head-turning’ canopy. The Heart umbrella is the ideal present for the one you love. A great new-look with lots […]

  Love somebody? Why not treat them to them one of these very special fashion umbrellas and let them know. The Soft Pink Heart Umbrella is a new addition to our renowned range of fashion umbrellas. This striking heart shaped umbrella looks good and it’s windproof too! At around 88cm from tip to toe, these are full length walking umbrellas, not teeny little fold-away compact umbrellas that you use once […]

Heart Umbrella – Purple The newest addition to the fantastic Heart umbrella range… The Purple Heart. Approximately 88cm from end to end, the Heart Umbrella is very strong and totally windproof. With an extremely strong 16 rib fibreglass frame and robust, lightweight aluminium shaft, this purple meanie is an awesome addition to our growing and renowned range of fashion umbrellas. Designed for the stylish lady, the Purple Heart boasts a […]

This striking Heart Umbrella will certainly get you noticed. A recent addition to the great range of Heart Fashion Umbrellas, is this the  has a strong and lightweight, 16 rib fibreglass frame which makes it totally windproof. Around 88cm in length, the unique Lime Green Heart Umbrella has a very smart, colour co-ordinated, ergonomically designed rubber handle. This umbrella features a lightweight aluminium shaft, matching tip and handle protector. Style with […]