Heart Umbrella – Orange

Orange Heart Umbrella
Heart Umbrella Orange

Full Length Heart Umbrella – Orange

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? These bright and cheerful orange heart-shaped umbrellas have been taking the market by storm. It’s simply not enough to just design an umbrella with an unusual shape canopy. Yes, they do make a great fashion statement, however when the heavens open, umbrellas still have a job to do. So the Heart Umbrellas all feature  a 16 rib fibreglass frame and an aluminium shaft to make them ultra strong while keeping them extremely light.

If you want to see for yourself how strong the Heart Umbrellas really are, they were tested on the This Morning show on UK national TV. The big canopy on the heart umbrellas are seriously wind-proof… so no prizes for guessing which umbrella came out on top! To watch the test – click here.

Boasting a smart, ergonomic rubber handle colour co-ordinated to that unique ‘heart shape canopy, the orange Heart umbrella is an ideal present for the one you love. These extremely popular fashion umbrellas look fantastic with virtually any outfit. They’re great for weddings or other formal events and equally practical for everyday use. The Heart umbrellas are approximately 88cm from end to end, the canopy is pretty huge at 110cm side to side and 100cm front to back

Please note: These are full length walking umbrellas, not compact “pop it in your handbag and you’ll never, ever see it again” sized umbrellas.

  • Perfect Valentines, anniversary or birthday gift
  • Totally windproof
  • Strong and lightweight construction
  • Fantastic good looks
  • BIG canopy 110cm wide and 100cm front to back
  • Extremely Orange

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